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In many of Vancouver's landscapes, a retaining wall can ensure that you get the most out of your yard and play an important role for yards with a sloped property or changes in elevation. The installation of a retaining wall can extend an unusable sloped area into a flat and level functional part of your landscape. With a flat area to work with, the installation of patios, lawn areas, and more all become possible.


When constructing a retaining wall, it is extremely important to make sure the wall is structurally sound. If a retaining wall fails, it can cost you a large amount to repair the wall its self as well as damage it can cause to the surrounding area. In many cases it can also put yourself and others at risk of physical harm. For these reasons we make sure that are walls are built to code and built to last. A proper wall foundation is always necessary as a starting point. Functional drainage is also required to avoid the build of water in the soil behind the wall. If the soil behind a retaining wall becomes over saturated with water it can cause a large amount of force on the wall increasing the chance of failure. Correct installation of different materials available for constructing retaining walls is the final step. All of this will be carefully planned and carried out to make sure we can guarantee your retaining wall to last. If we don't feel completely confident that that your retaining wall will have no risk of failure then we wont build it. Our customer's safety and satisfaction with the completed product is our main concern with every retaining wall we build.


Treated lumber, for example, has been a commonly used material for economical reasons. When built properly, it can do the job of other more expensive options. With proper drainage and moisture protection, they can also last a very long time. Concrete is another commonly used material. Whether poured walls or stacked interlocking blocks, the possibilities with concrete products are near endless. Natural stone is another great option for a more natural and unique appearance for your wall. Whatever your desire, our team at Centuria Landscapes can help you find the right choice.


Key Benefits of the Service

What makes retaining walls so challenging is their strength, which is best illustrated by the incredible loads they carry, known as lateral earth pressure. This is created by more than just the weight of soil.

 We provide adequate drainage structures and waterproofing so your wall stands the test time
  We will assess your landscape then provide you with options that best suit your specific needs
  Your retaining wall should complement the aesthetic garden beauty and improve with age
  You can count on Centuria Landscapes as your all-round certified and insured landscapers
  Our Landscapers stay on top of the latest industry innovations by attending annual trade shows

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and product. With many cut rate operations in our industry, it is important to find contractors who take the time to do things right.  It is under this regime that we devote time towards industry training and certification.  From synthetic turf installation, to irrigation and masonry, we have certified crew members to make sure the job is done right!
Our goal is to be the last landscape contractor you will ever need.  Given this requirement, we have crew skilled in masonry, woodwork, irrigation, excavation, lighting, soil retention, softscape installation, and much more.  Why call several different contractors, when you can have the peace of mind knowing we will take care of all your outdoor needs?
It is our mandate to see every job through from concept to completion. We work tirelessly with customers through every stage of the process to make sure that once complete, every job is something we and our clients can be proud of.  We have built our reputation on the integrity of our work and our customer service, and this always shines through.