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Landscape lighting sets the mood and ambience of your landscape and is one of the most cost-effective ways to add beauty and security to your home.


An important decision with lighting is whether to use the traditional incandescent lighting or newer LED options. With recent advances with LED lighting, it is now possible to get the same kind of light emitted from incandescent with more energy efficient LED alternatives. There are some considerable differences; price for one thing. Comparable LED lighting is typically double the cost. LED landscape lighting provides other advantages. It uses far less wattage making it an energy efficient alternative. It also provides more with a smaller transformer. As well, due to the smaller size of the LED bulb, there are more lighting design options available. Another benefit is the longer lifespan of the lights themselves. But with an initial higher upfront cost, the incandescent light will continue to provide a more economical alternative for the time being.

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Landscape lighting sets the mood and ambience of your landscape and is one of the most cost-effective ways to add beauty and security to your home. 

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We are dedicated to providing the highest quality service and product. With many cut rate operations in our industry, it is important to find contractors who take the time to do things right.  It is under this regime that we devote time towards industry training and certification.  From synthetic turf installation, to irrigation and masonry, we have certified crew members to make sure the job is done right!
Our goal is to be the last landscape contractor you will ever need.  Given this requirement, we have crew skilled in masonry, woodwork, irrigation, excavation, lighting, soil retention, softscape installation, and much more.  Why call several different contractors, when you can have the peace of mind knowing we will take care of all your outdoor needs?
It is our mandate to see every job through from concept to completion. We work tirelessly with customers through every stage of the process to make sure that once complete, every job is something we and our clients can be proud of.  We have built our reputation on the integrity of our work and our customer service, and this always shines through.