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If I take care of the prep work, can we trim down the budget on our project?
While there are exceptions to every rule, the general answer is no.  Prep work is the most important part of any project, and more often than not when people take care of it themselves, it is done incorrectly. This often leads to our crews having to start over on the prep, costing more in the long run.  In addition, we cannot guarantee any work if we haven't done the prep work ourselves.  If you want a product that is built to last, have the professionals take care of it from start to finish!
How much lead time should I expect before a project begins?
The general rule of thumb here is you can never call too early! We tell customers all the time to have their projects booked well before they want them to be completed (although this is not always the case), after all why have your patio built in the summer when you want to be using it! Depending on the time of year ,we are usually booked from 6 weeks to 2 months in advance, so call soon to guarantee a spot.
Do you provide on the spot pricing?
We are more than happy to provide free estimates and consultation, but a site meeting is required before any pricing is given (not over the phone). After the meeting, we will take our notes and measurements and thoroughly check through them before we provide you with a quote. We do this to ensure accuracy, which benefits both parties. Always be wary of prices given on the spot, as they often seem to change once work is underway!
Will you match another contractor's price?
Every contractor prices jobs differently. We take care in our quotation process, and never rely on numbers anyone else has created. If you have a price from another contractor we will not match or beat it, all we can do is give you our quote and guarantee it means a job that is done properly.
If I pay in cash, can we save the tax?
We get this question all of the time because it is commonplace in our industry.  Our answer is a resounding NO!  People often feel they are getting a great deal when they pay cash, but they are in fact opening themselves up to a huge amount of risk, not just from the government, but from bad work!  If you pay cash for your work, there is no paper trail to hold any party liable.  If things go wrong, the contractor can easily deny the transaction, and the customer may have little to no recourse.  Aside from doing our part to pay our fair share to the CRA, at Centuria Landscapes, we stand behind everything we build. We want to be held to account for the products we create, and thus everything is done above board. 
What happens if we decide to make changes part way through the process?
We always do our best to satisfy our customers wishes even if they have a change of heart. If the changes can be made easily, we will do our best to enact them at little to no cost. That said, large changes will impact the scope, schedule, and budget surrounding any project.  These factors must be taken into account and may result in changes to the final price and completion date.

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We do it all!  From brand new developments to yard makeovers, we pride ourselves in the diversity of our projects.  Budgets can range from $1,500 - $150,000, we truly offer a wide scope to a varied range of clients!
We do it all!  From brand new developments to yard makeovers, we pride ourselves in the diversity of our projects.  Budgets can range from $1,500 - $150,000, we truly offer a wide scope to a varied range of clients!
We have certified landscapers working in our company.
We try to schedule our business clients early in the week and our residential clients are scheduled Tuesday through Friday.
Anyone who truly wants a nice landscape and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property.

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