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05 Dec 2016
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4 Reasons To Plan Landscaping in Winter

4 Reasons To Plan Landscaping In Winter


If you’re starting to think about landscaping work for next year, it’s never too early to begin the planning. In fact, it’s always a good idea to speak to your landscaper a few months before you start work on a project, as this gives you a good amount of time to plan, budget, and finalize the design. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, here are a few reasons to plan landscaping in winter and things you can think about in advance.

Proper budgeting

Planning your landscaping work a few months in advance means that you can organize your finances and budget properly for the work. There’s nothing worse than under budgeting and realizing half-way through a project that you don’t have adequate funds to get the job done properly. Landscaping in winter lets you factor in other costs , such as buying new plants and accessories that will complement the new landscaping work and bring everything together.


The design process isn’t something you want to rush, and it’s important that the style matches the aesthetics of your home. If you’re planning driveway work, speak to your landscaper about the options available to you and what kind of materials will fit the look of your home. If you’re stuck for ideas, visit your neighbours for inspiration or ask your landscaper if they have any recommendations that may suit your home.

Time of year

A little forward planning such as landscaping in winter means that you can schedule your landscaping work at a time of year that suits you. By booking the work in advance, you will have more dates available to you and you can work around prior arrangements such as school holidays or vacations.

Find the right landscaper

Another great reason to plan landscaping in winter is so that you can find the right landscaper for the job. It’s important that you work with a company who understand your needs, your property, and your values. You should also look at their previous work and standard, to make sure that you share the same vision of the final product.

If you’re looking for a landscaping company in Vancouver, get in touch today. We’ll help you create that “wow” factor for your home, and make your idea come to life.

02 Dec 2016
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How To Choose The Right Driveway

How To Choose The Right Driveway

The driveway provides the entry to your home, and it’s usually the first thing that people see when they enter your property. Choosing the right driveway can feel like a daunting decision, especially when there are so many types of materials and stones out there, so it helps to have a little guidance so you can find something that’s right for you. If you’re toying with the idea of giving your exterior a revamp, here’s how to choose the right driveway and things to help with your decision.


The first thing to look at is the type of driveway for your home. Generally, there are four main materials: concrete, paving stones, gravel, and asphalt. These are all suitable for a range of budgets and require different levels of maintenance and investment.

Concrete is the easiest to manage and it’s long-lasting, not to mention it’s a nice and clean design. Gravel driveways are relatively inexpensive, and it’s suitable for places that receive a lot of rainfall as it’s a permeable material which means it soaks up some of the water and prevents huge run offs. Asphalt is another popular material, which can be installed fairly quickly and it deals well with freezing temperatures and thaw cycles. Paving stone driveways are also very desirable and are the most visually appealing. The cost for paving stone driveways is typically comparable to concrete. When done properly they can last just as long with minimal maintenance. An added bonus is the ease in which they are repaired if anything unfortunate does happen.


A key thing to look at is how much maintenance is required. Driveways do require a certain level of maintenance to keep everything in good condition, but some require more regular work than others.

Paving stone driveways are quite durable, and even though they take a bit longer than other materials to install, they offer impressive longevity and individual stones can easily be replaced. Gravel driveways, on the other hand, are inexpensive but do involve maintenance as weeds and grass can easily begin to grow over time. Concrete is quite easy to maintain and can last for decades, and asphalt is relatively hard wearing too but does need resealing every few years.

Another thing to consider is aesthetics, as it’s important to choose the right driveway to match the exterior of your home. If you’re looking for a driveway specialist in Vancouver, get in touch today!

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