If you have a water feature like a koi pond in your landscape, you can boost its appeal even further with a PVC waterfall spillway!

Traditionally, building a waterfall for your water feature has been a long and involved process. But with a modern waterfall spillway diffuser, you can create a gorgeous water feature quickly and easily. Here’s what you need to know.

What Is A Waterfall Spillway?

Think of it as a “short-cut” to a beautiful waterfall! There are two primary types of waterfall spillways on the market today.

PVC waterfall spillways, also known as a waterfall spillway box, are box-shaped containers. These include a large, shallow opening, through which water pours when the container is filled to the top. Water is pumped into the container via a pump of your choice, placed in the pond below.

As the container fills up, a beautiful sheet of water begins to pour out of the waterfall spillway box. It’s just that simple! The water falls back into your pond, it’s pumped back up, and the cycle continues – resulting in a gorgeous water feature that’s as affordable as it is delightful.

Waterfall spillway diffusers are a bit different. These specialty PVC waterfall spillways attach directly to a water source. Water is pumped through the diffuser, which users vertical ribs to “diffuse” the water into a natural-looking waterfall.  This makes them a better choice for pondless systems, as they do not require a pump to be placed in a pond.

Now that you know what waterfall spillways are, here are a few different ideas on how you can use them in your landscaping!

Exposed Copper Spillway Path

Usually, spillways are hidden by rocks, brick, or other material. But if you have the right kind of water feature, you can make your spillway a feature – instead of covering it up!

copper waterfall spillway idea

Many companies sell beautiful copper spillways, which are often used for public water features. These burnished copper waterfall spillway boxes age beautifully, and look great in combination with exposed rock or brick.

Interested in a totally unique water feature? We recommend creating a garden path incorporating exposed copper spillways. Using pond liner and rocks, you can build a water feature on either side of your garden path, then create two walls of brick, natural stone, or the material of your choice on either side.

Then, simple incorporate several copper waterfall spillway diffusers into the wall. You can control your own flow rate, and with proper drainage systems, you will waste hardly any water at all!

The overall impression of this path is incredible. Guests to your home get to walk through a garden path that’s lined by gentle, natural waterfalls for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Natural Rock Water Feature

natural rock waterfall spillway

One of the easiest projects you can take on is a natural rock water feature, incorporating a PVC waterfall spillway.

First, dig a hole in the shape and size you desire, and install a heavy-duty pond liner. Then, begin sourcing stone – whether it’s from your surrounding area, or a third-party supplier. Surround your new pond with this natural stone.

Then, you can simply install a PVC waterfall spillway with a pump. You may also require a filtration system. This low-cost spillway can be covered with the same rock used in the base design – resulting in a totally natural appearance.

That’s it! Fill your pond, connect your waterfall spillway, and watch your delightful new water feature as the water cascades beautifully down to the pond.

LED Koi Pond Spillway

Waterfall spillway diffusers and boxes can be used in existing ponds, even ones that include fish like Koi. This idea is a bit more “out there”, and uses an LED PVC waterfall spillway.

led waterfall spillway

Many modern spillways come with LEDs, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to colour. You can even get programmable spillways that can change colour based on your input.

This project is incredibly easy. All you need is a PVC waterfall spillway and a pump of adequate size, as well as a construction material of your choice to create your waterfall

Simply place your pump in your koi pond, set up your waterfall spillway box, and cover it up with a 

design of your choice. Here are some waterfall spillway ideas from Pinterest for inspiration.

We recommend natural stone, but brick and flagstone can also be used. If you choose natural stone, you can simply pile rocks up around your PVC waterfall spillway – you won’t have to deal with mortar or any other construction materials.

Build Your Dream Water Feature With A Waterfall Spillway!

Vancouver landscapers like us love waterfall spillways because they’re cheap, durable, and can be used in almost any water feature. So don’t wait – start planning your water feature today. Get the backyard of your dreams!