A fence can add so much value to your home. Not only does it create physical boundaries between the pathway and your property, or between certain sections of your yard, it can also really compliment the exterior of your home and look aesthetically pleasing. Fences can sometimes look boring if you don’t choose the right one or look after it properly, but there are plenty of things you can do to decorate your fence and many stylish designs to choose from. Here are a few decorative fence ideas to give you inspiration.

Add a welcome gate

If you want a decorative fence around your property or around a certain section of your yard, a gate is a really cute idea that will welcome guests into that area and add something special to the design. White picket fences are simple yet striking, especially teamed with colourful pots and ornaments and a nice bed of flowers. Consider adding an arbour along with a gate, and wrapping fairy lights or an ivy plant around the arch to create a secret garden-like entrance.


Combine brick with wood

Depending on where you live and the type of privacy you’re looking for, you may want a decorative fence that’s a bit sturdier. Consider a brick and wooden fence for something that will stand the test of time and match the rest of your home. Brick pillars combined with wooden fence rails in between look very striking and can help to create a natural flow from the home into the garden. Use natural-coloured brick and wood too so that it blends nicely with the overall setting.


Create privacy with bamboo

Fences are also great for adding an element of privacy to your home. If you live on a main road, on a road where people can see into your home, or if you simply want to add a barrier around your property, bamboo is a great material to use that creates a screen between you and the outside world, or the home and certain areas of the garden. Bamboo is a renewable resource too and it’s becoming much more popular since it grows back very quickly, is relatively sturdy, and can easily be used as a building material without the need to consume a lot of energy or fossil fuels.

If you’re looking for more decorative fence ideas, get in touch with us today to talk more about your property and the type of fence you’re looking to install.