There are many ways that you can revamp your front yard and create an inviting and warm entry to your home. A visually appealing front yard can completely transform the look, feel, and appeal of the exterior of your home, and especially if you’re selling your home either now or in the future, your front yard is very important as it sets the first impression of the house. Improve your home’s entry by updating your yard with a driveway, porch area, flower bed, water feature or walkway, and give visitors the ultimate welcome to your property. Here are a few creative landscaping designs to revamp your yard and boost your home’s curb appeal.


Lead guests into your home

One of the nicest ways to revamp your front yard is to add a driveway. Lead your visitors into your home with a driveway and walkway to give the exterior of your home structure an inviting charm. Invest in a paved, concrete, or asphalt driveway and opt for a design that matches the theme and style of your home. Certain materials such as brick and pavers are permeable, which means that they allow water to run back into the ground, whereas concrete driveways need to be created in a way that allows water to be directed away from the home to prevent any damage to the foundations.

Revamp your stairs

If your existing yard has stairs leading up to the home or around the property, one great way to update your front yard is to revamp your stairs. Garden stairs can completely change the feel of your property, and there are many materials to choose from such as wood, stone, brick, and concrete. Well-manicured stairs can create the most warming welcome, and it’s always nice to line the stairs with stones, plants, or outdoor lighting.


Hire the right landscaper

Although the design of your front yard is very important, it’s equally as important to hire the right landscaper to complete the job. Your chosen landscaper should offer you ideas on how to create easy movement around your front yard, and design ideas that will complement the existing design and add a certain appeal. Whether you’re adding a driveway, staircase, flowers and greenery, landscape lighting, a fence, or any other feature, the right landscaper will give your property the visual statement it needs.

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