If you’re dreaming about installing a deck in your yard, you’ll no doubt have a number of questions about logistics and practicalities, design, season, and how to choose the best landscaper for the job. Decking is a wonderful addition to the home, as it can extend your living space significantly, or even create a brand new space altogether. It’s always a good idea to start planning your landscaping work early, as this allows you enough time to budget properly, finalize the design, and choose the best time for you and your schedule. If you’re planning a yard revamp, here are a few pointers regarding the best time to build a deck and things to consider.

Avoid bad weather

One of the biggest variables when it comes to building a deck is weather. Generally, the weather is less predictable in the winter months, so spring and summer offers better conditions and there is less rainfall and bad weather to delay the work. If you want to build but also enjoy your decking in the summer, spring is a great time to complete the work to build a deck so you can complete it in time for the warmer months.

Budget properly and realistically

Budgeting plays a huge role when it comes to planning your activities to build a deck. It’s very important to budget properly and realistically, and think about all variables and costs that you may incur during the work. Get a detailed quote from your landscaper incorporating the cost of things like materials and labour, and make sure you allocate enough time to save for the project as you don’t want to run out of funds half way through.

Choose a time that suits you

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say when is the “best” time to build a deck, because it also depends on the individual’s preference and situation. There are certain times of year when the landscaping work is a little easier, due to weather and landscaper availability, but it’s also important to factor in when is the best time for the individual. Think about vacations you have planned, school holidays, and any other factors that may affect the project.

Find the right landscaper to build a deck

It’s also very important to find the right landscaper to complete the job and build a deck. Your landscaper should understand your vision for the project, and be able to offer tips and advice to help with the planning process. Your landscaper will be able to advise on the best time to complete the project and answer any questions you have so you fully understand the decking process.

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