Outdoor lighting is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to brighten up your yard. In winter, lights can give your home’s exterior a beautiful festive feel and illuminate the way when daylight hours are much shorter. In summer, outdoor lighting is a lovely addition to your set-up especially when you’re having BBQ dinners and entertaining outside. There are a number of great outdoor lighting ideas to choose from that will create a distinctive mood and brighten up your walkways.

Parameter lighting

If you have a walkway running through your garden, parameter outdoor lighting is great as it naturally leads you and your guests down the path to different areas of your yard. Parameter lighting usually sits at the side of the walkway on the garden beds or on the path, and it’s designed to help you navigate through your yard with ease.

Illuminate features

Outdoor lighting can be used to highlight the beautiful areas of your garden. If your landscape design consists of water features, statues, or pretty flower beds, lights will highlight and draw attention to your yard’s best features.

Hardscape lighting

Add ambiance to your yard with hardscape lighting. Hardscape lighting is usually attached to the walls and helps to add subtle and classy lighting to your garden. The light usually comes from LED tape which is water-resistant and suitable for the outdoors, but it’s recommended that a professional completes the outdoor lighting installation to make sure it’s wired up properly.

Driveway spotlights

Spotlights are a great addition to your driveway to make entry much safer and to add a wow factor to the front of your home. Lighting helps to guide drivers into the driveway to avoid any collisions with obstacles or plant areas. Electrical lighting is much brighter, whereas solar lights are more durable and eco-friendly but deliver a slightly dimmer form of light. Popular driveway lighting includes lampposts, lanterns, and path lights.

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